Covid-19 and Us

Love in the time of Corona

The Covid-19 crisis has upended our world and lives. We are inside our homes — unwillingly separated from the comforting arms of nature and our loved ones.

We helplessly watch the death toll updates on our phones. Our desire to be comforted and hold hands with something other than a phone grows.

At Storytelling As Leadership, we believe that NOW (more than ever), there is a strong and urgent need for all of us to listen and share stories — of fear, anxiety, loss, hope, love and faith — with each other.

This need is stronger for our children, who are currently locked inside the four frustrating walls of their homes, and are feeling worried, confused, terrified and misunderstood.

We strive to provide a nurturing platform for all of our children now to empower them to share their stories during the Covid-19 crisis.

Dear children, kindly visit our Share Your Story page to learn how to tell your stories and share them with us.

Here are some story prompts/guiding questions on Covid-19 for you, if you are interested in creating a story on the Coronavirus.

1. If the world is ending tomorrow, what would you do today?

2. What does time mean to you? What is your favourite way to spend time? How are you currently spending your time indoors?

3. What advice/suggestions/ideas would you give to adults for solving the Covid-19 crisis?

Share your Stories with us!

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